About me

Hi, I’m Lei.

I’m a self-taught JavaScript developer.

I’m a believer of life long learning. When I decided to quit my boring job and started to learn programming by myself, I knew there was no turning back. I had no choice other than pushing myself in spite of excruciating self-doubt and depression.

I am lucky that I’m living in a time in which there’re endless resources for learning. I learn from online courses, blogs of tech gurus and open source projects. I believe anyone can make big career change if he or she applies the right methods. Luckily for all of us, we have them all within our reach!

Professor Barbara Oakley’s Learning How To Learn MOOC course helped me a lot in learning new skills quickly. Lydia Hallie’s story on Medium gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation. Eric Elliott’s series of blog posts on functional programming helped me avoiding many pitfalls of software design and acquiring the best practices.

As far as learning, I believe we all have the resources we need to achieve what we want. A CS degree from an established university certainly says a lot about one’s qualifications, but that’s not the only way one can get the same expertise. I’ll prove this point with my continuous progress!

We have access to education more so than any time in human history. What a gift! What an incredible time to be alive!

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