Reparenting Myself

I just spent my 29th birthday a few weeks ago this month. In this article I explained why I felt anxious about my age.


996 Work Schedule, Learning To Design, The Futile Attempt To Write Elegant Code

This is my first newsletter. I discussed 996, finding alternatives to corporate jobs, online squabbling, and the disappointment from me on how people shy away from functional programming.


Lazy Evaluation in JavaScript With Generators

Lazy evaluation is a way of avoiding unnecessary calculations by procrastination. Yes, you can do that in programming.


How to Write Recursion Like A Pro

When I started learning programming, one of the most confusing concepts to understand is recursion. Now, when I finally become the pro programmer who I wished I could be when I was a newbie, I feel that these confusions and struggles are unnecessary.


Asynchronous Patterns in JavaScript Part 2

Last time I examined callbacks, thunks and promises in dealing with async control flows in JavaScript. Now it's time to get over the basics and level up our skills. I'll introduce you some of the most exciting techniques in asynchronous programming.


Asynchronous Patterns in JavaScript Part 1

Dealing with asynchronous logic is one of the most challenging parts in programming. In this two-part series, I'll take a close look into different patterns of handling async control flow.